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Exceptional and Thorough Service

Get your service done quickly and efficiently by our professional team at MD Cleaning Service. We understand how important it is to feel worry free when it comes to the services we provide. Our committed and friendly staff invests the time and energy necessary to be prepared for any unique requests our clients may have.

Regular Maintenance Cleaning

Initial Cleaning

We start with an initial, thorough clean of your home, which includes washing down all of the woodwork, baseboards, vacuuming ceiling corners, ceiling fans, wet wiping all kitchen cabinet doors, frames, window sills, window frames, door frames, etc. All wood surfaces are Pledged and all glass is Windexed. Furniture and carpet is thoroughly vacuumed. Hardwood floors are vacuumed and damp mopped with Murphy’s Oil Soap solution. Vinyl and tile floors are vacuumed and wet mopped with a neutral pH cleaner. Bathrooms are disinfected with attention to soap-scum and calcium build up. Mildew will be chemically treated*. Faucets and fixtures are scrubbed and shined. We will get your home free of dust, debris and smudges. Insides of refrigerators and ovens can also be clean upon request.

Customized Rotation Plan

Once we have accomplished our thorough initial clean, we maintain your clean home with regular cleanings on a weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly or monthly schedule. The wood work, ceiling corners and fans are cleaned on a bi-weekly basis unless specifically requested.
*It may require more than one treatment for deep mildew growth

One-Time Service

One-Time Cleaning

We provide a thorough One-Time Clean for:
Spring Cleaning
Special Occasions
All One-Time Cleanings are equivalent to our initial Cleaning service.

Additional Services

In additional to our Regular Maintenance and One-Time Services, we offer window cleaning, carpet cleaning and tile floor strip and waxing.

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