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If you’re looking for a professional quality clean for your home or office, MD Cleaning Service is right for you! Being a great service provider means having confidence in the people providing those services, and we’re proud to have professional and upstanding individuals working with us. Our focus is on personalized service, customer satisfaction, and competitive rates. Our goal is go beyond your expectations. We offer Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly or one time cleanings. Your home will receive a consistent quality clean, tailored specifically to you, with our personalized treatments.
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Personalized Service

Our cleaning crews consist of 2 and 3 member teams, each with a supervisor in place. These skilled teams are thoroughly trained to provide you with expert cleaning, guaranteed. Your feedback along with regular inspections, allow our teams to maintain a consistent, quality clean. Our team members follow detailed instructions in our custom inspection reports, tailored specifically to your home.

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Confidential Service

In addition to being fully insured and bonded, each employee must pass a background check prior to being hired. Our employees are trained before being placed on a team. Team members follow a strict code of conduct; they will not eat, drink or smoke in your home. They will not open any drawers, closets or cabinets unless specifically instructed to do so. Our employees are bonded and insured.

The safety and security of your home is imperative.

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