Looking for a quick fix? Here are a few of our cleaning suggestions!


You don’t need to spend a ton of money on cleaning chemicals. A simple solution of warm water, with a dash of vinegar, not only sanitizes, but leaves a fresh scent as well! You can also use this solution in a spray bottle to clean glass surfaces or counter tops. Use soft towels or rags to be thrown in your normal load of laundry, instead of paper towels. This avoids creating waste and sometimes dry paper towels can leave scratches on fine furniture surfaces. Unless the wood surfaces need polishing, avoid using products with wax in them. A feather duster or a very lightly damp rag will be sufficient for dusting.


It seems like everyone wants to hang out in the kitchen at a family get together. That’s because the kitchen is where the food is! So, clean out the fridge by removing everything and wiping down the sides and shelves with a soft rag soaked in warm water with a dash of vinegar to sanitize and deodorize. After wiping dry the surfaces, discard any unwanted and outdated food. Then organize it so it’s easy to find, which a voids a future mess.

Remove any debris from the kitchen floor by vacuuming. Using the same water/vinegar solution and a rag, wipe clean the counter tops and the stove top.


The first thing that people look at in a bathroom is the mirror; so clean the mirror using a soft rag, dampened lightly with a water/vinegar solution. Move items on the counter and give them a once over with a rag. Use a new rag for each surface. Lastly, do not forget to shake out the bathroom rug and mop the floor to get the clean fresh scent!


More often than not, common areas look worse than they actually are. This can be easily solved by organizing items like magazines, newspapers, etc. Feather-dust surfaces to remove dust and cobwebs. Finish by vacuuming the available open floor surface. Allow some fresh air into the rooms through windows on any two opposite sides of your home, depending on outside temperature.


Most times if you simply make the bed, the bedroom takes on an entirely different look. Stack away extra sheets and pillows in the closets. Lightly feather-dust the furniture surfaces around lamps and appliances. Organize books and other reading material. Open the blinds to allow sufficient light into the room; a well lit room is a ‘large clean room’. Lastly, vacuum the floor for a finishing touch!

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