Cleaning Windows Efficiently

Cleaning windows can be a pain, especially if they haven’t been cleaned regularly. We’ve compiled a few tips on ways you can keep your windows clean and less noticeable!

  1. Glass cleaners that have a base of alcohol or ammonia should be avoided when cleaning your window. These products may pitch a cleaner window, but often cause a more streaky clean. These harsh chemicals can also put a thin film on your window attracting dust and moisture. As an alternative, mix one part vinegar to ten parts water in a spray bottle.

2. Some dirt and grime can be very difficult to remove, but never use a razor blade or a scrapper on your windows. This can lead to deep permanent scratches on your window glass.

3. Using a soft, lint-free towel, or a microfiber cloth rub in all different directions or a circular motion to prevent streaks even further.

4. Finally, if you noticed streaks on your windows, clean with fresh water to get off any remaining solutions. 

We hope these tips help you tackle your windows as we head into the spring season!

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