Tips for Organizing and Cleaning Your Basement

We are all guilty of using our basement as the go to place for items that might necessarily not have a place. Here is a checklist to help turn your cluttered basement into an organized, clean space for more storage or additional living space!

Access the Clutter

The best place to start decluttering is by assessing the clutter. Let’s create three categories- donate, toss, and keep. Assign each item in your basement to a category. If it’s an item you rarely ever use, it’s probably a good candidate for the toss or donate category. Old furniture is another good candidate for the tossed category.

Sort and Label Items

Plastic storage bins and zippered bags are your friend! These are both great tools to sort items in the basement. For example, create a bin called “holiday decorations,” and put all of your holiday decor in there. This way, it’s all together and out of the way until you are ready to pull it out again during the holiday season! Bins are also easy to stack and store out of the way.

Now, It’s Cleaning Time!

Now that all your items are in order, you can get to cleaning the basement! First, vacuum up any loose debris from the floors. Dust for cobwebs in the corners of the room as well as along the ceiling. If you don’t have carpeting, after you’re done vacuuming you can mop the floors with soap and water. We recommend running a dehumidifier right after to help with drying. Dust off any shelves or tables and wipe them down with a disinfectant cleaning product.

Basement  cleaning also gives you a chance to get familiar with your basement and determine if it has any problems, such as mold or water issues. While moving the boxes around, look in every crevice and note any wet spots or water damage on your items. Contact your local contractor if you have any interior damage.

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